Bach 50B Custom Bass Trombone

Bach 50B Custom Bass Trombone

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Bach 50B Custom Bass Trombone
Built for a John Engelkes by Marc Langelier

10.5 Inch Gold Brass Bell(Removable)
Custom Open Wrap and Tuning slide stops on bored out independent rotors.
Bb/F/Gb/D Tuning
Standard .562 Yellow Brass Slide. 10 out 10 for slide action.
Yellow brass tuning slide and additional Seamed Rose Brass Tuning Slide.

Marc was a local(SF Bay Area) that customized a few trombones in his days. I have seen three and they are all top notch!

This is a wonderful bass trombone in excellent condition.

Ultrasonically cleaned and ready to be played.

Case included.

If you have any questions please let me know.