Leblanc Bliss L210N Clarinet

Leblanc Bliss L210N Clarinet

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About the Model L210N

In collaboration with clarinetist Julian Bliss, the Leblanc Bliss clarinets were designed to be high quality, affordable instruments. These clarinets are free blowing, but still allow the players to create a beautiful tone due to the unique bore design, undercut tone holes, voicing groove in the bell, and specially designed ringless BLISS barrel and bell. Leblanc Bliss clarinets are made from unstained, aged, grenadilla wood. Adjustment screws on the crow's foot and pinky keys make it make it easy to keep keys in adjustment. 

The Leblanc Bliss clarinet not only has a beautiful, seamless look, but it also will help players achieve a smooth scale, even intonation, and beautiful tone.


  • Unstained aged grenadilla wood Medium small bore for big sound but well controlled. 
  • Very free blowing K10S Woodwind Company Hard Rubber mouthpiece- high quality and works well with the Bliss clarinets
  • BLISS ringless bell and barrel - ringless design is lighter and specially designed for resonance 
  • Voicing groove in bell - controls the upper register more effectively 
  • Over and undercut tone holes - better intonation and feel 
  • High Chrome nickel silver - more brilliant shine and highly durable 
  • Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring 
  • Bonade Ligature and cap - nickel silver 
  • Black Valentino pads 
  • Backpack case