Return Policy

Park Ave Music Center
1717 Park Ave San Jose, Ca. 95126


The trial period of 7 days, starting from the time the customer receives the instrument or mouthpiece as established by United Parcels Service or United States Postal Service tracking records of date and time delivery of said instrument. If changes are needed, you must state the desired changes to us by phone within the 7 day trial period.

There is no problem if the customer should decide to return the instrument or mouthpiece for a refund. It must be done within 2 business days after the initial trial period is over using United

Parcel Service or United States Postal Service Tracking records to set time and date as the beginning of the trial period. This is the customer’s responsibility to return the instrument as stated in this policy and provide postage and insurance that guarantees the Instrument or mouthpieces are returned within the set time. No refunds will be made after the 7 day trial period.

In the event the customer elects to return the instrument or mouthpiece, the following procedures must be followed:

A. Customer must exercise the option to return before 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on the 7th day of the trial period.

B. Customer must call and request a return authorization number.

C. Customer agrees to prepare the instrument or mouthpiece for shipping by repackaging it in the original case or box and original shipping container.

D. Customer agrees to provide access to the instrument or mouthpiece in its shipping container at the time of pickup by the delivery company.

E. Customer must sign the return form and enter the return authorization number in the space provided on the form. The form must be placed inside the instrument case or package prior to returning the horn or mouthpiece.

F. Peninsula Music agrees to inspect the horn or mouthpiece upon its return and inform the customer as soon as practicable of any physical damage discovered that is not the result of shipping. Customer agrees to be fully responsible for any and all physical damage while the horn or mouthpiece is in their possession. Customer further agrees that any physical damage other than shipping will constitute a nullification of the trial return option agreement and the customer assumes full ownership of the instrument or mouthpiece at the full retail price. Customer further understands that no refund will be granted in the event the horn or mouthpiece is returned with any physical damage not considered to be damage in shipping.

G. Peninsula Music agrees to refund the full purchase amount less the following costs and when all of the previously described conditions are met.

Return costs:

Upon passing the return inspection, we will issue a refund for the full amount less:

Cost of the original shipping and insurance

Sanitation and restocking fees

Woodwinds $95.00

Raw Brass/Lacquer Horns = $95.00

Silver Plate Horns= $125.00

Bells/Slides $35.00

Mouthpiece= $14.00

By placing an order with us means that you have read and understand the return policy. No returns on custom, demo/closeout,"make offer", used, or b-stock instruments or accessories.