Bach 190L65GV Stradivarius Bb Trumpet

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The new 190L65GV is the long-awaited successor to the classic Bach Vindabona trumpet models. We worked with our top artists to improve on Bach’s original design concepts of a large bell flare with a step bore design to create something special. A revised #43 leadpipe with a nickel receiver and new LV bore size that grows from .459" to .462" balances the Bach #65 bell, the largest one in our portfolio. This trumpet provides the player with the ultimate breadth and richness of sound while maintaining the classic Bach quality. A new bore size was developed to allow the player an ease of response at all dynamic ranges and registers. Vincent Bach’s original idea of pairing the bore and bell size of a German rotary trumpet with the valve block of a French instrument gave birth to a uniquely American trumpet sound.

Bach’s Research & Development team examined the most famous horns in Bach’s history to identify the optimal weight, construction, material, and assembly of Bach’s valve cluster. As a result of our efforts, we have produced a newly designed valve cluster delivering a faster response and a more vibrant sound. Nothing beats the sound of Bach.

The 190L65GV is built on a Large bore Vindabona (‘LV’) .462" two-piece valve chassis with nickel balusters, nickel outer slides, and brass valve guides. The new bore size takes the horn from medium-large bore to large bore in the same style as the MLV, for players looking for an even bigger sound than the MLV but still desiring efficiency. The standard weight, side-seam 5" #65G bell with a round brass wire bell is heavier than normal for the 190 series. The additional weight provides the player with an even richer core to their sound and the freedom to push their instrument without fear of the sound getting crass. The #65 bell flare is Bach’s largest bell design and provides the player with unparalleled breadth and warmth. The choice of gold brass makes the sound even richer and more mellow at soft dynamics while still allowing the player to get bright at loud dynamics. The wide bracing is balanced with the addition of the first slide brace to help with focus and projection. The redesigned #43 leadpipe gives the horn a free-blowing and easy feel, especially when combined with the newly designed LV tuning slide. The brilliance of the #43 leadpipe perfectly balances the large bell. This instrument is the ideal choice for the player looking for the ultimate, rich, dark sound that can still project. Our artists have done everything from the Hindemith Sonata, to the smokiest ballads and even lead trumpet.


  • Standard weight two-piece valve block with nickel balusters, nickel outer slides, nickel top and bottom caps, brass rings, and brass fingerhook
  • 5", one-piece, side seam, standard weight #65G bell with a steel wire round bead in gold brass
  • Wide wrap with nickel Z braces and 1st slide brace
  • Updated #43 leadpipe provides an easy and free blowing brilliance
  • New LV Step bore design: ML bore to L bore
  • Newly designed finger hook inspired by New York, Mt. Vernon and Elkhart eras.
  • Brass 1st slide ring
  • Reversed 3rd slide stop rod
  • Laser engraved bell
  • Clear lacquer finish