Bach 190M37X Stradivarius Bb Trumpet

Bach 190M37X Stradivarius Bb Trumpet

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The new 190M37X is one of the most versatile instruments in our history. Orchestral players appreciate the beauty of sound and the agility provided by the .456" bore size to balance their larger mouthpieces. Commercial players looking for a more compact and focused sound while screaming in the upper register will not find an easier instrument than this.

The lightweight nickel inner slides and nickel balusters keep the sound from breaking up, even at extreme dynamics and our true French bead bell offers unparalleled projection. It also has some of our most iconic features from our best vintage instruments, including Mount Vernon-style bell construction, New York-style cast nickel Z braces, and adding a modern and consistently precise leadpipe.

Bach’s Research & Development team examined the most famous horns in Bach’s history to identify the optimal weight, construction, material, and assembly of Bach’s valve cluster. As a result of our efforts, we have produced a newly designed valve cluster delivering a faster response and a more vibrant sound. Nothing beats the sound of Bach.

The 190M37X is built on a new Medium Plus (‘MP) .456" two-piece valve chassis with nickel balusters, lightweight nickel inner slides, brass outer slides, and brass valve guides. The new .456" bore size blends the efficiency of a medium bore with the breadth of a medium-large bore. The Mt. Vernon weight, side seam #37 bell in yellow brass features a true French bead, made with techniques and materials not used since the 1950s. The French bead provides exceptional projection that throws as much of the sound forward to the audience as possible. The narrow wrap nickel Z braces and brass 1st slide brace make this our most efficient and quickest responding trumpet. The lightweight nickel inner slides combine with the Mt. Vernon weight, French bead bell to create a brilliant and electric sound. The trumpet is designed to achieve the efficiency and brilliance of a lightweight, medium bore trumpet without sacrificing the rich core of a standard-weight horn. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. The 190M37X is loved by commercial and classical players alike.


  • Standard weight two-piece valve block with nickel balusters, lightweight nickel inner slides, brass top and caps, brass hook, ring and fingerhook
  • One-piece, side seam, Mt. Vernon weight #37X bell with a French bead in yellow brass
  • Narrow wrap with nickel Z braces and brass 1st slide brace
  • #25 leadpipe – free blowing and balanced feel with great projection, a perfect match for the #37 bell
  • New .456" medium bore design
  • New brass finger hook design inspired by New York, Mt. Vernon and Elkhart eras.
  • Brass 1st slide hook
  • 3rd slide stop rod
  • Laser engraved bell
  • Clear lacquer finish