Demo Buffet 1180 Bass Clarinet

Demo Buffet 1180 Bass Clarinet

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This clarinet has been opened and played at our store. It is still in brand new condition.

Entirely retooled to offer young students and amateur players an instrument that offers strong fundamental presence in the lowest notes, which are the pillars of harmony. Provide an anchor for your orchestra. The BC 1180 suits every musical style.

This clarinet facilitates the jump between intervals thanks to its simplified register key system. Its wide, homogeneous sound palette and extremely fluid legato allow the musician to experiment with every acoustic or technical idea imaginable.
‹As the only student bass clarinet made from selected and treated grenadilla wood from Mozambique, delivered in a compact, lightweight case, the new Buffet Crampon 1180 stands out thanks to the quality of its manufacture, its remarkable intonation, timbre and overall comfort. It sets itself as the global standard for student bass clarinets.


  • Key :Bb
  • Pitch :440 / 442 Hz
  • Body (range to low Eb) :Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Selected and treated grenadilla wood
  • Thumbrest :Adjustable
  • Bell :Silver plated Copper Bell
  • Neck :Silver plated
  • Key work :Silver plated
  • Springs :Blue steel, for ease and accuracy of key movement
  • Features :New simplified register key system
  • Pads :Leather with resonators
  • Case :Light and compact