Getzen 3850S Custom Bb Cornet

Getzen 3850S Custom Bb Cornet

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The 3850 Bb features many of the same great features found on all Custom Series trumpets. This includes nickel silver balusters, yellow brass inside slide tubes, and of course, our legendary nickel plated, nickel silver pistons. The 3850 also comes standard with a seamless copper bell. This combination of features gives the 3850 its trademark, traditional cornet sound and makes it perfect for brass band settings. In addition to the standard 3850, a long list of available options allows players to customize the cornet to meet their specific needs in terms of tone, play, and appearance.



Slides Hand lapped yellow brass

Mouthpipe Gold BrassBell4¾” seamless copper

Intonation Aids First and third slide triggers

Mouthpiece4B Cornet

Finish bright silver plate